Founded by three JKU graduates, Dynatrace is now the global market leader in the field of software intelligence.


The technological and creative heart of product development at Dynatrace beats in Linz - and it continues to grow.


Dynatrace wants to create 1,500 highly qualified jobs in Linz. The planned new campus is to become a hub for employees from all over the world.


With its investment in the location, Dynatrace is setting far-reaching impulses to further strengthen the role of the city of Linz as an international digitalization hotspot.


The technological and creative heart of Dynatrace's global product development beats at the founding location in Linz. Because the capacities in the existing engineering headquarters are almost exhausted, the planned expansion is necessary. This will create the basis for 1,500 highly qualified jobs in Linz in the future. Thanks to the international signal effect of the new campus and the basic research in the field of software intelligence between Dynatrace and the JKU, the digitization hotspot Linz can further expand its role as the "Austrian Silicon Valley". In this way, the city will be positioned as an attractive company headquarters far beyond Austria's borders. The project strengthens local value creation and, with the preferred commissioning of local and sustainable suppliers, makes a positive contribution to strengthening the business location.



"The new Dynatrace campus is designed to be an open hub for the local IT community as well as the start-up and entrepreneurial scene."

Bernd Greifeneder, Founder and CTO of Dynatrace

A success story made in Linz

With a start-up mentality and team spirit to global market leadership

According to kununu and Trend, Dynatrace is the best employer in Upper Austria in 2021

Over 3,300 companies worldwide rely on Dynatrace

Over $50 billion market potential worldwide

dynatrace staircase

Impulses for the digitalization capital Linz


Creation of 1,500 highly qualified jobs

Targeted promotion of young talent in the IT sector and novel MINT concept for the childcare center

Strengthening Linz as a research location and its international reputation

Strengthening regional value creation through sustainable, local purchasing

Sustainable corporate culture with handshake quality

Planning according to the needs of the employees and sustainable construction methods

More than 75% of employees in Linz use environmentally friendly alternatives to the car

Exemplary effect through practized traffic concepts, which will be further expanded

Restaurant with regional organic lunch menus and sustainable coffee from "DieRöster" from Upper Austria


Linz start-up company makes it to Wall Street

Milestones in the company history

Linz 2005

Founded by the three JKU graduates Bernd Greifeneder, Sok-Kheng Taing and Hubert Gerstmayr

Linz 2005

Linz 2007

Moving into the office in Freistädter Straße

Linz 2007

Linz 2018

Opening of a second office in Winterhafen

Linz 2018

New York 2019

IPO on the New York Stock Exchange

New York 2019

Linz 2019

Moving into the new Engineering Headquarters
at 25er Turm

Linz 2019

Linz 2021

Opening of the research location at the JKU in Linz

Linz 2021

Linz end of 2025

Planned occupation of the new campus

Linz end of 2025